Due to COVID-19 childsmile is now provided alongside check-ups rather than individual appointments

Childsmile is a national demonstration programme that is designed to improve the oral health of young children.  It is a programme to help you give your child’s teeth the best start in life.

At each visit you will be greeted by our dedicated Childsmile nurse Adele.  She has had this role in the practice since achieving the Childsmile qualification in 2007.   She will greet you at every visit and welcome you into our friendly environment where you will receive the most up to date advice on diet, drinks and encouraging good dietary habits.  Appointments are on a Monday each week but other days may be accommodated.  Children quickly become familiar with the whole dental experience so visits are stress free and enjoyable.  The dental practice is here to give advice and information and to answer your questions to help you look after your children’s teeth.

At each six monthly Childsmile visit you will be given a toothbrushing demonstration and a free toothbrushing pack.  Also regular advice on diet, drinks and encouraging good habits.  Flouride varnish is provided within the practice for children from the age of two, twice a year.  It is also available twice a year in the nursery so we encourage that fluoride varnish is applied four times per year. We recommend Fluoride varnish applied four times yearly, ideally twice in the practice and twice at nursery or school

We want to help you every step of the way by offering motivation and support for your family.

To see more information on the child smile programme please visit NHS Scotland’s website:

If you would like to know more about our involvment in the child smile initiative please get in touch.